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Rencontre - four musicians from across Canada meet up for a one night gig in Montreal . Alex Bellegarde, Gordon Webster, Morgan Childs, Alex Côté

selection of shows - 2003


Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Grand Concert Series
Vic Vogel's nonet includes a great selection of talented Montreal musicians.  Performing a range of Vic Vogel's compositions and arrangements, the nonet also accompanies special guest, legendary saxophonist Jimmy Heath.
IvanhoeJolicoeur..trumpet.  Roberto Murray..sax. Yves Turgeon..alto sax. Ghislain Potvin..trumpet.  Marc Tremblay..trombone.   Serge  Arsenault.. trombone.  Alex Bellegarde..double bass.  Hugo DiVito..drums
Theatre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts, Montreal - June 30

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Dean Cotrill  Hour, July 2 2003


L'OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal
For this year's OFF Festival,  Alex Bellegarde presents his new compositions; exploring unusual rhythmic ideas, abstract sounds and grooves, rooted in Latin and swing through alternative styles.
Alain Mercure..drums; Michael Wanner..piano; Jon Lindhorst..sax; Alex Bellegarde... double bass.
An intense and exciting music experience delivered with audacity!
Focaccia, Montreal - June 28 


L'OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal
Guitarist Abel Hassing showcases his own hybrid, musical language with compositions influenced by contemporary, Mauritian, reggae and classical styles.
Abel Hassing, guitar, Michael Wanner on piano, Wali Muhammad on drums and Alex Bellegarde on  double bass with saxophonist Jean Derome.
Lyrical and expressive!
Le Va et Vient, Montreal - June 27


L'OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal
Well known on the Montreal scene, outstanding soloist trumpeter Ivanhoe Jolicoeur leads his quartet with a selection of his original compositions and unique arrangements of selected standards.
Ivanhoe Jolicoeur, trumpet and flugelhorn, Gaetan Daigneault on piano,  Hugo Di Vito on drums and Alex Bellegarde on double bass.
Quai des brumes, Montreal  - July 2


L'OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal
Performing their original compositions ranging from meditative to alternative in style, the group's distinctive sound emerges from intense exchanges, complex harmonies and unusual solos based on collective improvisation and interplay of swing, funk, blues and Latin as well as Dixie rhythms. 
Marc Villiard, tenor, alto and c melody sax, Ivanhoe Jolicoeur, trumpet and flugelhorn, Yves Turgeon,  alto and soprano sax and bass clarinet, Yvon Plouffe, drums and percussion and Alex Bellegarde double bass.
Energy and transcendence!
Le va et Vient - July 5


Concert recorded live by Radio Canada for Silence on jazz
Évidemment jazz presents a series of shows that unites on the same stage several generations of artists all are highly representative of the local jazz scene.
Skip Bey, Paul Boogie Gaudet, Jean Vanasse, François Marcaurelle, Normand Guilbeault, Simon Langlois, Alex Bellegarde, Philippe Lozier and Jean-François Ouellet. 
Zest Montreal  - 29 march.


The Va-et-Vient in collaboration with the Off Jazz Festival
A unique series of jazz evenings during which three generations of jazz musicians unite to share their musical vision.
Ivanhoe Jolicoeur trumpet, Guy Thouin percussion, Alex Bellegarde bass
Le Va et Vient - winter session

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