One fine Saturday ° Alex Bellegarde

one fine saturdayOne fine saturday… twelve Bellegarde compos showcase Alex's mainstream roots, jam session savvy, as well as a progressive bent, this time with Alex McMahon on piano, Frédé Simard on sax, Alain Mercure on drums and featuring guest, Cuban singer/percussionist Chiquitin.  Alex's association with Chiquitin has fostered a passion for  Cuban music which has continued to develop while working with Montreal-based Cuban musicians.

«Intelligent without being ponderous, swinging without being slight. You… listener, are in for a treat!» Vic Vogel

Review by Dean Cotrill

« A fine live acoustic album recorded at Studio Stereo Son with veteran engineer Paul-Emile Mongeau at the mixing board, showcasing Alex's mainstream roots as well as a progressive bent. The sessions thus captured a versatile quartet in full flight with a wealth of themes ranging from ballads to bop.

Jam session savvy serves as a funky overture for the album on the opening title track. Alex keeps the cool burning with Al's Blues before taking things up-tempo with The Way, a modal nod of the head to masters like 'Trane and Tyner. Brown's Groove showcases the group's improv versatility in a 7/4-6/4-5/4 time sig before settling into the spicy salsa pocket of Chiqui, which happens to feature the special guest singer/percussionist it was named for, Bellegarde's label mate Chiquitin. We take a breather with the lazy slow swing of Vibes, the first of two ballads in the set.

This is a group that isn't afraid to take risks either, as you'll hear on the explorative vehicle of Mike's Tune. We get back on the straight ahead with the tongue-in-cheek title Another Rhythm, a feel good bop that recalls the energies of Sonny Rollins before things get tougher with I-f-4. Let's roll the credits with a nice ballad piece called Many Ways, you can almost hear Bellegarde say, 'and voila, mission accomplished'. Back to the top, anyone? » Dean Cotrill

"… I started playing percussion at the age of ten, then began singing in vocal groups and by the time I was twenty decided to become a feature vocalist. I've never done anything but music all my life - that's my passion. My dream is to share it with everyone else…" Chiquitin…vvrecords

One fine saturday - Alex Bellegarde: VVCD7782:2002

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