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Latin JazzContemporary and Cuban music

QuoteJazz News Alex Bellegarde Latin Quintet, National Jazz Awards … Bellegarde did a magnificent number to close out the festivities with grand style. » Paul J. Youngman, Toronto

Alex Bellegarde - Latin bassistA much sought-after Latin bassist when stars from out of town need the right sound, Alex Bellegarde has played with legendary artists from the US, Puerto Rico and Cuba : Candido Camero, Willy Torres, Viti Ruiz, Maelo Ruiz, Tony Vega, Edwin Bonilla, Pedro Arroyo, Ray Sepulveda, Eddie Torres, Willy Gonzales, Chiquitin, Caridad Cruz, Brenda Naverette

Alex Bellegarde heads his Latin Jazz Quintet, Quartet and Trio as well as the Cuban band Trabuco Habanero. He also plays with many Cuban, Mexican and Columbian artists from the Canadian latin scene. ... Jesus Cantero & los Criollos All Stars, Miguel de Armas, Neville Jr Y Orquestra Ritmo Caribeño, Los Amormales, Gabriel Palachi, Grupo Asere, Yousy Barbara Ruiz, Joe Armando, Roberto Lopez, Macuyé de Cuba, Pedrito A Gonzales, Alejandro ‘El Nino’ Perez, The Montreal Cuban All Stars, Convoy Cubano, Québa… to name a few.

Alex Bellegarde Latin Jazz

Original compositions, free improvisations, savy grooves, bassist Alex Bellegarde, fuses contemporary jazz with Afro‐Cuban music. Regular performers at Montreal's prestigious Upstairs Jazz Club, the band features some of Montréals top Cuban musicians Domier Gonzales, Michel Cantero, Nestor Rodriguez.… » Upstairs Jazz Club - Sundays, bi-monthly @ 19h30

Trabuco Habanero

Son, rumba, timba and salsa rhythms drive Trabuco Habenero's exciting repertoire of original compositions as well as some innovative arrangements of traditional themes drawn from the very heart of Cuba. Featured at many hotspot venues around Montreal and beyond, you can be sure to catch up with them at Dièse Onze Jazz Club on rue St Denis every Monday where the night heats up with Trabuco's all star lineup: Jesus Cantero, Lazaro Leyva, Yoel Diaz, Diomer Gonzales Gonzales, Alex Bellegarde. …» Dièse Onze Jazz Club - Mondays @ 21h30

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Alex's association with legendary Cuban singer/percussionist Chiquitin (Alfredo Morales), featured guest artist on his album One Fine Saturday, VV Records, sparked a passion for Cuban music and Latin rhythms.

QuoteI feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Chiquitin, who began his career more than 50 years back. When we first met we communicated via music as neither of us spoke the other's language and it was during his visit to Montreal in 2002 he introduced me to his world of traditional Cuban music. Connecting and playing with many Montreal-based Cubans has deepened my appreciation of Cuban 'Son', with its often very complex rhythms and the warmth and spontaneity of the musicians.


Solar latin club



PDF : Quintet - Stage plot

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PDF : Trabuco Habanero

PDF : Trabuco Habanero - Stage plot


Past Festivals & Events

  • Trabuco Habanero, Alex Bellegarde Latin Quartet, Festival International de jazz de Montréal 2019, 2018, 2017,2016,2015, 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008
  • Miguel de Armas, National Arts Centre, Ottawa 2019
  • Trabuco Habanero, Montreal Salsa Convention, 2019,2018
  • Tony Vega, South Beach Club Montreal, 2018
  • Ray Sepulveda / Orquestra Ritmo Caribeño, Fiestaval Calgary, 2017
  • Tony Vega / Orquestra Ritmo Caribeño, Fiestaval Calgary, 2017
  • Trabuco Habanero, Festival International Cubaneando, 2017
  • Roberto Lopez, Vancouver World Music Festival, 2016
  • Pedro Arroyo, Vieux Montreal, 2014
  • Miguel de Armas, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa 2014
  • Maelo Ruiz, Barrymore's, Ottawa 2014
  • Willy Torres, Vieux Montreal, 2014
  • Festival international des Nuits d’Afrique, Montréal 2014, 2012, 2008,2007,2002
  • Edwin Bonilla, 649 Club Montreal, 2013
  • Jesus Cantero & los Criollos All Stars, Les Grands feux du Casino Lac Leamey, 2012
  • Caridad Cruz, Ottawa Jazz Festival 2011
  • Beaches international Jazz Fest, 2011
  • Festi-Jazz Mont Tremblant, 2010
  • F.O.A.T Festival, Mexico, 2009
  • National Jazz Awards, April, 2008
  • Grand Prix F1 Piazza, Montréal, 2008
  • Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, 2008
  • Festival international de percussions de Longueil, 2008
  • Hudson Music Festival, Qc, 2008
  • Festival International des Rythmes du Monde de Saguenay, 2008
  • National Jazz Awards Toronto, 2008
  • Sunfest, London, On 2008, 2006, 2004
  • Festival Salsafolie, Montréal 2008, 2006.
  • Rimouski Festijazz International, Qc, 2008
  • Festival du Bout du Monde, Gaspé 2007
  • Festival de Laval, Qc, 2007
  • Festival des Rythmes d’Afrique, Qc, 2007
  • Festival de Musique du Bout du Monde, Qc, 2007
  • Candido Camero National Jazz Awards Toronto, 2006
  • Neal Haiduck, Enrique Medina & El Rico Son, Harlem NY, USA, 2006
  • Eddie Palmieri & Team Timba, Medley, Montréal, 2006
  • Jardin des Étoiles Old Port, Montreal, 2006
  • Montreal Rythmes of the World Festival 2006, 2005, 2004
  • Los Corales opening for La Charanga Habanera from Cuba, Medley, Montréal 2005
  • Festival Latino-Américan de Montréal 2005
  • Festival Cubain de St Sauveur, Qc 2005
  • University of Chicoutimi, Qc 2005, 2004
  • Montreal Rhythms of the World Festival, 2004.
  • Consulado General de Cuba, Montreal, 2004
  • Les FrancoFolies de Montréal. Y Sonido Latino, 2003
  • Dia national del Callo Mission Portugués, Montreal, 2002
  • Chiquitin & Vic Vogel, Quartier Latin, Montreal, 2001
  • Clubs in Montreal : Metropolis, Cubanos Club, Upstairs, Dièse Onze, Maison du Jazz (Biddles), Quartier Latin, Casa Del Popolol, La Rumba, Battalou Club, Le Bodegon, Jello Bar, Java U, Les Mintos, Sala Rossa, Bobards, Le Monté Cristo, Terasses St Ambroise.
  • Clubs out of Town : Le Fou-Bar, Quebec, QC, Options Jazz Lounge, Ottawa, Camaradas, Harlem, NY, Pazzazz, Val David, QC, Auberge Lac- Brome, Bodega QC,