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BioBassist • composer

QuoteIn a city rich with jazz talent, bassist Alex Bellegarde is surely one of the best players around, constantly finding new types of projects and new musicians with which to extend the range of his jazz vocabulary › Neil Brouillet.

Alex Bellegarde. photo-Tamsin BussièresEnergetic player, composer and Grand Jazz Award winner at the Montreal Jazz Festival, 26th ed, Alex Bellegarde creates music drawn from a wealth of sources. He heads a number of formations and participates in a range of projects: jazz, Latin music and multidisciplinary. With several albums to his credit: Floating, Caminando, Quintet et Quartet "Live", One Fine Saturday he is also a guest contributor to a wide array of other artists' recordings.


A much sought-after Latin bassist when local Cuban players or latin stars from out of town need the right sound, he has been called up to play with artists from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia and the US : Candido Camero, Viti Ruiz, Maelo Ruiz, Edwin Bonilla, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Sepulveda, Tony Vega, Yahaira Plasenci, Oscar Quezada, Nino Segarra, El Ferny de la Salsa, Willy Gonzales, Pedro Arroyo, Willy Torres, Chiquitin and Caridad Cruz.
His passion for Cuban music sparked in 2002 after meeting Cuban singer and composer Chiquitin, legendary for his contribution to traditional Cuban music. Chiquitin made a guest appearance on the album Alex Bellegarde, One Fine Saturday, VV Records.  read on »

Jam Sessions

quoteBellegarde… a mainstay of Montréal's jazz scene › Sharon Cohen, Downbeat, NY

Tenacious and determined to keep the tradition alive, Alex Bellegarde hosts a dynamic weekly jam session that draws promising talents and renowned jazz musicians from near and far. Leading jam sessions at various clubs in Montreal for more than 20 years, his first experience at a jam session was down at Jazzons in the Quartier Latin district of Montreal in 97 with bassist Skip Bey leading.  read on »


Master of free improvisation, Alex Bellegarde plays in a wealth of projects from theatre, film, poetry, and dance to multimedia. Some productions: Bass & Spoken word, Spontaneous Creation Module, Émergence Énergie, Mix Sessions/ Radical Libre (multimedia), Exit Sur Scène , Poetry for Three Americas (poetry), MRJ transmedia actuelle - Bravo film), Viva confusion by Hunt Hoe, Cornemuse by Larry Tremblay, Hamlet Machine by Heiner Müller (theatre) …to name a few! Invited to join Laurent Bortolotti's international project jazz é-tape (jazz, theatre & tap) in 2013, he has performed regularly with the company in Europe.  read on »

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Skip Bey with Alex BellegardeBorn in Montreal, Alex grew up in Quebec's Eastern Townships, he played through with the award winning Ensemble Davignon and Massey Vanier Band. Interest in performance and theatre sparked from playing in the school's production of West Side Story.

By 97, he was back in town checking out Montreal's effevescent jazz scene and playing at many of the weekly jam sessions. Influenced greatly by bassist, the late Skip Bey, he was a member of the Vic Vogel Octet and played with Vogel's guest, saxophonist Jimmy Heath, at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

A frequent player in events such L'Off Festival de Jazz, Montreal's Jazz Fest as well festivals across Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, France and shortly Morocco, you can be sure to catch up with him most of the year at his Tuesday jam in Montreal.

quoteI'm very fortunate to be surrounded by many enthusiastic people and to play with a wide range of exceptional musicians. During each session, I like to listen closely to our musical dialogues, absorb these 'spontaneous conversations', infuse my play with their positive energy and incorporate this in my music. › Alex Bellegarde


  • 2021 · BSP Trio: Bellegarde-Schulrabe-Plante  – Convo, E Plante Productions
  • 2014 · Alex Bellegarde Trio – Floating, AB Productions
  • 2009 · Live – Alex Bellegarde Quintet, Productions Chien Noir
  • 2007 · Montreal meets New York – Neal Haiduck & Alex Bellegarde, Blackwood Prod.
  • 2006 · Caminando – Alex Bellegarde Quartet, Justin Time Records
  • 2003 · Live – Alex Bellegarde Quartet, Productions Chien Noir
  • 2002 · One Fine Saturday – Alex Bellegarde, VV Records
  • 2001 · Montréal Jazz & Blues Plus – compliation, VV Records
  • 2000 · À Chacun son Tour – Alex Bellegarde Quartet, Indie


  • 2023 · Mi Hogar –  Rachel Therrien, Outside in Music
  • 2022 · Click Right Here – Ori Dagan, Scat Cat Productions
  • 2018 · New Beginnings – Fat Kid Big Band, Spectra Music Group
  • 2015 · Histoires sans Mots – Hichem Khalfa, Productions Le Lab
  • 2014 · Jesus Cantero & Los Criollos All Stars – Que Quere Mi Gente, Mojito Music
  • 2013 · Niyaz – Sumud, Terrestial Lane Productions
  • 2012 · Planetarium – Martin Roussel, Note musik
  • 2010 · Encuentros – Yoël Diaz, Artic Records
  • 2009 · Rhodes Trip – Tomisheep, Air M.S Media
  • 2008 · Django in Montreal – Maânouche Swing, Indie
  • 2008 · Souvenirs – Trigo › Campion › Chang, Hot Club Records
  • 2007 · Empreintes – Eval Manigat, Tchaka Productions
  • 2006 · Nature Boy – Denis Chang, Hot Club Records
  • 2006 · Viva la Musica Cubana – Yoël Diaz & los Criollos all-Stars, Fleur de Lys Prod.
  • 2006 · Desde mi casa hasta la Habana – Yoël Diaz Y Su Team Timba, Mojitos & Musica
  • 2006 · Cherokee – Alex Gordon & Ginny B, Indie
  • 2005 · Live – Yoël Diaz Latin Band · House of Jazz
  • 2005 · How can you hug a fish – Vivienne Dean, Indie
  • 2005 · Lucky Lex & the Adventure, Indie
  • 2005 · Fragments – Marlène Continente, Solar Prod.
  • 2003 · Live à l’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal – Abel Hassing Quintet, Indie

film & theatre

  • 2015 2014 2013 · Atman - Jazz & Tap with Laurent Bortolotti
  • 2009 · Viva Confusion doc-theatre produced by Hunt Hoe
  • 2008 · 3 Seasons film by Jim Donovan
  • 2007 · Swinging couples film by Simon Boisvert
  • 2004 · Urbaine & Ordinaire doc-film by Maxime Rousseau & Alexandre Bertrand
  • 2004 · Conte et Nous en Jazz
  • 2004 · Imagine-toi c’que j’ai lu: tales for 5 to 10 yrs old
  • 2004 · Hamlet Machine play by Heiner Müller
  • 2003 · Cornemuse play by Larry Tremblay
  • 2002 · Emmanuelle Blanche
  • 1999 · Sans Mesure film by Julie Provençal
  • 1998 · La Tête Dans les Nuages play by Marc Delaruelle
  • Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
  • Fiestaval Latino Festival, Calgary
  • Vancouver World Music Festival
  • Vancouver Jazz Festival
  • Rochester Jazz Festival, NY
  • L’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal
  • TD Jazz Festival, Toronto
  • Rimouski Festijazz International Qc
  • Beaches International Jazz Festival, Toronto
  • F.O.A.T Festival, Mexico
  • First Peoples' Festival, Montreal
  • Governor General’s Arts Awards Gala, Ottawa
  • La 9e Marché de la poésie de Montréal
  • Festival International des Rythmes du Monde de Saguenay Qc
  • National Jazz Awards Toronto
  • Festival Acèss Asie, Montreal
  • Festival international des Nuits d’Afrique Montréal
  • La Nuit Laurentienne de la Poésie Qc
  • Les Francofolies de Montréal
  • Kingston Jazz Festival On
  • Jazz Vespers Manhattan NYC USA
  • FIJM Spectrum Montréal
  • Montreal Rythmes of the World Festival
  • Festival Voix d’Amériques, Montréal
  • Festival Latino-Américan de Montréal
  • Distillery Jazz Festival, Toronto
  • Festival Multimedia X NYC USA
  • Festival de la Francophonie Ottawa On
  • Les Francouvertes Montréal
  • Festival International de la Chanson de Granby Qc
  • well as performances for Radio Canada, CIBL 101.5, Global and Bravo TV……… to name just a few.

clubs in montreal

  • Upstairs, House of Jazz (Biddles), Dièse Onze, L'Escogriffe, Le Va et Vient, Jazzons, Club Soda, Café Campus, Quartier Latin, Quai des Brûmes, Café Soho, Bily Kun, Casa Del Popolol, Nyks, Café Sarajevo, O Patro Vys, Barraca, Cubanos, Bobards, Le Sergent Recruteur, La Place à Coté , La Rumba, Inter B, Le Bodegon, L’Air du temps, Le Va et Vient, Jello, Java U, O’ Casa, Les Minots, Sala Rossa, Le Monté Cristo, Bistro Duluth, Café L’Utopik, Terrasses St Ambroise, Café Ludik, O Patro Vys, Swing Ring

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