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Alex Bellegarde Quintet Live

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Quintet Live …

The Whole Note… ‹  this band plays with impetus and conviction, aided by miraculously layered textures and a sensitive range of inflections, with Bellegarde's bass a brilliantly crucial inner voice...  › Geoff Chapman, Toronto

  • Alex Bellegarde - bass
  • Yoel Diaz - piano
  • Erik Hove - sax
  • Yvon Plouffe - drums
  • Kiko Osorio - congas

We played to a near-capacity audience in the concert hall of Maison de la culture Mercier, in Montreal's east-end. This was the final show in a series of concerts sponsered by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal and L'Off Festival de jazz de Montréal. A warm, enthusiastic and very responsive audience made this a memorable show for us. I hope we have captured the good vibes in this recording.

  • Compositions: © Alex Bellegarde (Socan)
  • Recorded at Maison de la culture Mercier, Montreal, Québec, Canada. March 14, 2009
  • Concert technical director: Renée Couture . Sound technician: Joel Lavoie.
  • Recording and mixing: Tamas Barany / Barthélémy Stevens.
  • Videographers: D.J. Matrundola & Douglas John Kropla.
  • © AB Productions 2009

Voir… ‹ acoustically and visually this CD/DVD showcases the impressive leadership qualities of bassist Alex Bellegarde, heading up a group of well-known, respected musicians from the local scene. With a dozen compositions, drawn from diverse inspirations, all signed Bellegarde, pianist Yoel Diaz, saxophonist Erik Hove, drummer Yvon Plouffe and percussionist Kiko Osorio embark with full complicity on a formidable musical journey that by moments is playful, contemplative or downright exploratory.....  › Stanley Péan, Montreal


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